Global Love Wave

From now on every 21 days the whole year long!

This is gonna be YOUR moment, this is gonna be OUR moment.

For your children, for your family, for your brothers and sisters all over the world

Because you CARE about freedom, you CARE about freedom of speech

This is YOUR moment, this is OUR moment, so UNITE!

Sing, make music, dance, whatever you like.

Be FREE, act FREE at the next wave: 31 October 2021 at 20:21 your local timezone
Make a GLOBAL LOVE WAVE around the planet!

No violence, just LOVE

A stand against

Make a stand against injustice

Make a stand against racism

Make a stand against abuse of power

Make a stand against anything you think is unfair in this world!

Or just make a stand for freedom and love.....

A global wave

When all the people at each timezone unite and do this at 20:21, this will create a wave all over the world. Starting in Australia and ending in Alaska.

When, how and what

Come together in the center of your city or village and play the music "Give Peace A Chance" of John Lennon and Yoko Ono for 21 minutes on 31 October at 20:21 enlighten our world with a candle, a flashlight or a mobile phone light and sing, dance, use an instrument or whatever makes you happy.

If it ain't possible for you to get to town, because of lockdowns or another reason, then open your window at 20:21 and do the same as mentioned above.


A kind request for all Radiostations. Please consider playing the song "Give Peace A Chance" of John Lennon and Yoko Ono on 31 October at 20:21 (local time)

Love to you all!

Image Courtesy of / Sam Mugraby
Many thanks to them for letting me use the header image.

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